Our Brand A.C.T Talks About The Quality Of itself As a High Quality Trademark Universally.
Both Our Diagnostic And Therapeutics Applications Are Based On A.C.T Platform. A Wide Range Of Cardiac Systems Such As: Stress Test, Cardiac Rehabilitation.ECG Holter Monitoring, Blood Pressure Holter Monitoring, P.C.Base Electrocardiograph And Telenonitoring Systems Are Working Based On A.C.T Software.
We Are Pioneer In Wireless Technology And All Of Signal And Instructions Transmition Protocols Are Wireless.

Our Brand A.C.T talks about the quality of itself as it is accepted as a high quality trade mark universally. All our diagnostic applications are based on A.C.T platform. Our Patient's Data and Vital Parameter Management System. If a software application bears the designed for A.C.T logo, you can be sure that this application is fully integrated into A.C.T. As a result, you benefit from maximum connectivity, networking capabilities, elegant user interfaces and a common patient's database for all applications. More than 190 hospitals and cardiology clinics all over Iran are using our systems. More than 10 active distribution companies all over Asia and Africa are working on our products. The next work capability and paperless procedure make the system perfectly suitable for multicentre clinical studies.

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