About A.C.T CO.

The sound Ideas of A.C.T is the platform for many medical PC-based applications. A.C.T integrates the functions of Rest-ECG, Stress Test-ECG, Holter-ECG, Holter Blood Pressure, ECG Telemonitoring, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Spirometry Ergo-Spirometry and Event ECG Recording etc... A.C.T is user friendly and has its own and unique operating philosophy which is consequently realized in all applications and makes it easy for the operator to learn how to use a new application. The navigation tree leads the user safely through all A.C.T applications. A.C.T is programmed in Java and labview and makes it independent from individual operating systems like Windows, Apple, Linux, etc... A.C.T basically works on a server client concept. The server manages the patient's data and the vital parameter. The client has the full operation ability of all applications and can be used on all workstations within network. It is fully compatible with the Internet and intranet and guarantees reliable communication in data networks like private doctor EDP-Systems or Hospital information Systems(HIS).