average cycle of the selected lead

In this window the average cycle of the selected lead is shown including its measuring points.You can perform the measurements with two-dimensional calipers.
The measurement window contains the Cabrera circle showing the vector diagram of the ECG , then showing the position type and all values measured.

Cardio view ERGO  is a 12 channel ECG stress test system which control treadmills in speed and elevation and bicycle ergometers in load. It is developed for daily routine use in hospitals and doctors' practices. The complex control of a stress test system has been simplified by the intelligent software to give best comfort to the user. Even inexperienced staff is able to work with cardio view ERGO at once. For high quality ECG recording the cardio view sensor(ECG  amplifier) fulfills all the needs of ambitious cardiologists , even for patients with pacemaker.

Whether you work with or without paper, you can look at the various print versions in the print menu. Cover page graphical  overview, numerical summary, stepwise printout  ,etc. at any time during  the exercise a single printout for event documentation can be done. In this way , the printout will become the calling care of your practice or clinic.