Cardio Pro ABPM System

Cardio pro is a long – term blood pressure system for discerning doctors and patients. The 144 hour recorder helps you obtain a reliable blood pressure reading , avoiding the ” white- coat effect”.

The accuracy of cardio pro has  been documented in scientific studies, and your patients will confirm how comfortable the instrument is  to wear on a daily basis.  The oscillometric measurement  method only pumps up to the systolic blood pressure , and is characterized by short measurement times for the patient.

The  small and lightweight casing , not to mention the instrument’s quiet operation, have a positive effect on patient acceptance , which in turn increases the reliability

Of the measurement  results. The recorder assistant helps you prepare the recorder quickly and safely ruling out any mixing up of patient and diagnostic data.

    See for yourself how simple it is to analysis blood pressure data. Besides systolic and diastolic pressure , the measured mean arterial pressure (MAP) and the calculated values for HBP (HR x systolic blood pressure) and pulse pressure are clearly displayed.

    Histograms compiled separately for the day and night phases visualize the blood pressure variability of your patients. Scatter diagrams show the correlation between pulse and blood pressure. One the findings are available , you can individually configure your report. The printout presents graphical and / or numerical measured values in a clear format.


    • Oscillometric measurement
    • Pulse range: 30 to 240bpm

    Systolic: 60 to 290 mm Hg

    Diastolic : 30 to 195 mmHg

    • Storage capacity: 5/2 measurements
    • Connection to PC:232  interface cable
    • Dimensions : 128x75x30mm
    • Power supply :4 mignon batteries
    • Weight:240 incl. batteries



    • 'plug and play' function for easy operation
    • Preparation of recording with definition of protocols
    • Graphical and numerical analysis of systole, diastole, MAP(mean arterial pressure), HBP, and pulse
    • Display of waking , sleeping , and transition phases in histograms and scattergrams
    • Individual printout with print preview.

    Cardio pro technical specifications :

    • User friendly : plug and play
    • Systolic , diastolic and MAP measuring
    • Heart rate measuring
    • 4 AA batteries
    • Dimen sion : 146x47x64mm
    • Weigh :465 gr

    Storager temperature : -20 to 55 c

    Usage temperatue : 10 to 40 c


    Oscill ometric

    Systolic range : 60-275 mmHg

    Diastolic: 45-250mm Hg

    Memory: 256 record

    Programm up to ten period per day

    Accuracy : 0.1 mm Hg