12- channel ECG display
Pacemaker spike detection
Rentrospective play function
1 and 2 – dimensional caliper
Integrated – Emergency-ECG
Automatic interpretation of ECG
Automatic display of vector loop
Automatic electrode cofiguration
Enlarged representative QRS- complex
Representative QRS- complex of 12 leads

    The 'Honnover' ECG- System (HES)  is an ECG analyzing software . thousands of ECG- stripes have been validated by many cardiologists and at the 'Medizinische Hochschule ' of Hannover scientifically . the algorithm calculates the Representative Cycle of the normal  beat including the markers for the measurement reference points.

    The ECG –Interpretation is also based on the HES-Algorithm and is one of the leading ECG-Measuring  software in the world. The documentation is  simple and compact: all Representative QRS- Complexes and the assessment of the individual leads with the vector loop are printed out on one page.

    • 12- channel ECG display
    • Automatic electrode configuration
    • Pacemaker spike detection
    • Retrospective play function
    • Integrated – Emergency-ECG
    • Representative QRS- comples of 12 leads
    • Enlarged representative QRS- complex
    • 1 and 2-dimensional caliper
    • Automatic display of vector loop
    • Automatic interpretation of ECG
    • ECG resolution : 12 bit
    • Sampling rate:500 Hz
    • Accuracy at a sensitivity of ± 5m V: 2.44µV/bit
    • Common mode rejection ratio:>100Db
    • Frequency response: 0.05 to 150 Hz
    • Pacemaker spike detection
    • Defibrillation protection according to EN 60601
    • Wireless technology